Electric Cargo Bikes

Cargo bikes are bikes that can carry heavy and/or bulky loads, meaning people do not have to rely on their cars for transporting heavy or bulky objects. ECargo bikes can take loads of up to 130kg, we also have a bike trailer that can carry an additional 150kg. 

We applied to and received a grant from the Postcode Local Trust to start a community eCargo bike scheme. 

The model we are basing this on is the Commons cargo Bike schemes in Europe, particularly in Germany. The bikes are free to use but we ask for donations to help us maintain the bikes and run the scheme. We ask for businesses to host the bike, so they are available within the local community.

The more local journeys we do by bike the cleaner our air will be and the less congested our roads will be. Join us in this revolution.


The eCargo bikes have now been moved to their permanent home in a specially made eCargo bike store in the central car park in Ilkley, next to the pocket park. The bike store has been erected by Bradford Council for us to use.

The Bikes


The Tern

This is a great bike for doing your shopping. It has roomy panniers and a back and front rack where more load can be carried. The Tern has an adaptor to attach the Carla Cargo trailer if you want to transport larger or heavier items. It is possible to kit the tern out to carry child seats but at present, we do not have those accessories.

Carla Cargo Trailer

The keys for the Tern GSD S00 and the Carla Cargo trailer are held at Mortens Hardware shop, 2-8 Cunliffe Rd, Ilkley, LS29 9DZ.

Once you have made your booking you will receive email confirmation. Please show this booking email to the staff at Mortens who will give you the keys.


The Urban Arrow Cargo L is a typical Dutch-style cargo bike with a large front box that is lockable. It can carry up to 120kg. This is a much larger bike.

Urban Arrow

The keys for the Urban Arrow are held at Love Brownies, 21B Brook St, Ilkley, LS29 8A

Once you have made your booking you will receive email confirmation. Please show this booking email to the staff at Love Brownies who will give you the keys.


We are running a membership scheme. To borrow the bikes or the trailer you have to become a member of Ilkley Cargo Bikes. This is free although we would appreciate donations to help with running costs and wear and tear of the bikes. 

To Register

Before you join the Ilkley cargo bike scheme you will need to meet with one of the Cargo Bike Team.  They will show you how the bike works and you can have a trial ride.  They will need to contact you to arrange a convenient time and place for this meeting so we ask you to complete your contact details below.

Once you have been shown the bikes you will be registered as a member. You will receive an email with a password to access the booking system. You can then book to borrow one of the bikes anytime they are available. Emails are send out from ecargobike@climateactionilkley.org.uk. Please add this address to your address book/contacts as some users have reported the emails have been marked as spam/junk.

To contact the CB Team to arrange a meeting complete the Request to Register Form